Blog Should I use Makeup Every Day ?

Should I use Makeup Every Day ?

Opinions on the use of makeup can usually be placed into several groups. They include those who swear by makeup and advocate its daily use, those who believe that it is harmful and should never be used, and those who are indifferent to its use. 

We have a slightly different view on makeup, frequency of use, etc., and we’ll state why below.

At Cosmos Beauty Salon, we firmly believe that makeup is a privilege afforded to women that should be relished fully. Inspired in part by our founder,   Sajhia Gardezi, our view is that makeup creates a world of opportunity for feminine expression. Makeup should be seen as a gift to womankind; one that gives women a sense of freedom that is unique. With ancient roots and immense cultural and social significance in centuries past, the importance of makeup cannot be overstated. 

Today, the role of makeup in society is more of an aesthetic one. It primarily involves enhancing the natural beauty of a woman. In our view, it should be used to enjoy yourself and to improve your appearance as you see fit. 

Who can use makeup and what should we consider?

All young girls, perhaps from the age of 16 onwards, right through womanhood until their twilight years, should consider using makeup in some form. Depending on one’s preference and personality, the amount of makeup used and the style adopted can be altered. You will discover your personal style intuitively as you experiment with various styles and techniques. This will evolve as you blossom from a young girl into a lady. 

While it is important to explore our personal preferences, we should consider environmental factors as well in the practical use of makeup on a daily basis. Our Punjab region in Pakistan , which are hot and humid generally, aren’t extremely makeup-friendly. Whereas, colder regions such as NWFP are more conducive to makeup use as it stays on longer. Therefore, we should pay attention to the climatic conditions as well when deciding the makeup products we use, the styles, and thickness or lightness of application.

Our views on the privilege of makeup

At Cosmos Beauty Salon, we believe that it is the right of a woman to use at least a little make up depending on what they like. This is so even if you are going to the market for a bit of grocery shopping or for a ritzy event at a hotel. Akin to how your outfit and accessories can uplift you, makeup too has the potential to embellish your look. Makeup makes you feel a certain way regardless of the occasion. 


Perhaps you are blessed with perfect skin that is extremely healthy. If this is the case, then you do not need to consider heavy makeup. However, for many females, at least a little foundation level makeup is required to conceal skin blemishes and augment their natural features. 

Makeup styles based on personality

You can decide on a makeup style to adopt based on the 3 basic personality types outlined for makeup use. They are simple but elegant, casual but smart, and sophisticated. As you move into womanhood, you will gradually explore your likes and dislikes in terms of makeup use. You can then select a style that complements your personality most favourably. The key factors in this all-important decision include being comfortable with the look and its feel on your skin.

What’s most important in using makeup is to ensure that you have an open mind always. Go ahead and fully enjoy the privilege it gives you as a woman! We’ll continue to cover topics involving hair and beauty in the coming weeks, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, please let us know if there is anything in particular you’d like us to speak on.