Cosmos Beauty Institute

Cosmos Beauty Salon also has an institute for those women who are interested in widening their knowledge of all things beauty including personal care and makeup. These detailed classes are led by the owner, Sajhia Gardezi where she thoroughly explains beauty and makeup. 


Sajhia Gardezi started the Cosmos Beauty Institute to educate woman who are interested in not only learning to do makeup but also advancing their careers in this field. She passionately believes that empowering woman this way will allow them to succeed in their endeavors. The curriculum for these classes includes makeup techniques, skincare, hand and feet care, hairstyling, and hair care. Classes are held in small batches at a time, giving each student the personalized attention they need.  

During these classes, students will also have the opportunity to ask questions from the highly trained staff at Cosmos. The staff is skilled and have been working for Cosmos for nearly 20 years. Their expertise in this field is unmatchable as they offer various perspectives and tips to the classes. Product and process knowledge is crucial, and classes are taught with this in mind. Feel free to contact us on 061-4511883 if you have any questions or would like to enroll in our beauty courses.